everything moves just a little bit off the beat of my head moving from side to side and it takes four minutes to make the rounds. and i want to think i can do it on my own with smile enveloping other features into a giant horse toothy welcome. be my friend in art class? i like to think i'm charming in clothes worn three days in a row. the fan is in time to that damn kylie minogue song everyone hates. skin is slightly yellow...is that normal? it's not std style yellow. like i would know? she started singing "that song about graduation" to me while we rode through the country on the interstate and i got annoyed but felt bad later. and the people keep handing me checks "for the roadtrip" that now seems doubtful b/c someone's mother won't let her adult daughter go for lack of life experience. how else would we gain it without being on our own? the red amyrillis have since wilted in the backyard. the day before finals, she didn't teach us anything real, just kept preaching that now is our chance to think outside the box, to go outside the lines. maybe i will paint point a to point b. does anyone want to bring me a burger to go along with my freshly acquired night blooming jasmine body spray? the windows were open when i took off my pants, but no one walked by to witness the joyous occasion. there's some cold lasagna in a potato salad container in the fridge that i think i might slop onto a plate and stick in the microwave for a minute or so. it's getting to be lunch time.