we paid five dollars to stand in the dusty, smoky sun and played a crooked game of twister in the sun with a ten year old. show your pride. the gay pride festival at fiesta gardens. kevin kept me entertained with sarcastic side comments and secret gossip while ben drooled over some porn star. i smiled a lot.
marks on my body with permanent marker. black and blue ink forming lines. permanent.
we wrote the beginning of an era last night on a pad on lined paper. let me word it to you over funk beats.
fuckin' hot outside. damion and i dashed about town to various appointments. somehow it took the tired attitude of a married couple running errands. but i bought him a chocolate dip cone and then we watched o brother, where art thou? and we picked on each other. so eventually, it went back to childish puppy love. oo sexy boy.
i've been updating stank-o's site while she's gone.