stank-o got me addicted to hot hot heat. she's promoting, i'll promote. these guys are hot and turbo rock and roll.
alison and i pulled something out of a teeny bop movie last night. it's nice to not be fully clothed in front of the camera.
his room surrounded us with windows and televised blue light coming through the blinds from the other room.
the sky moved like inky waves pounding upon buzzing streetlights that attracted a plethora of flying insects.
he's a nice boy. they sent me away with a blank check so they could makeout. and that's what i told the guy behind the counter. i got a strawberry smoothie, pinkish and bubbly with little seeds in a tall glass cup.
too much talking...not enough making out.
lady lady lady lady. coconuts smell good. my daddy has lighting gels on the window so the backyard of someone else's house looks completely red, completely orange, completely blue or completely magenta depending upon where you are looking. once he told me i could paint a robot on the bathroom wall. i never did get around to that.
i want to be in love. oh dude, i just found like a turbo highlighter. nothing like shading with a colored pencil. nope.
garden hose lovers that play in the sprinklers. and they blow kisses to each other from across the street.
i'm being nicely conditioned in the house. conditioned in the air sense. not pavlov style.
precious baby leopards. fifty two: he has to like baby animals.
if i were a nomad in the deserts of africa, what would i know? would i be smarter than i am here?
baby up for a little love thunder? aww yeah.
contours of the face half glowing with halogen light and half dark in the shadows. it's easy to wrap up in the blankets that lay gently upon the body like smooth hands or subtle breeze. they create dunes from soft hip to mattress and curl at the neckline raising and falling in honey colored light.