once upon a time, there was a lion named momo. when the sun rose in the morning he would roll onto his furry back and yawn until his mouth could stretch no further. his teeth pointed out when he did this.after a good stretch and a big yawn, momo would turn over and flick his tail nonchalantly. he liked breakfast. the savannah was not too hot in the morning for him to complete a kill. zebra was his favorite. when he saw their stripes, he felt like he was about to eat at one of those fancy restaurants where there is more decoration than actual nutrition. but from experience, he knew the meat was good. crouching down, he spied on a herd of elephants malingering about eating grasses. too big, he thought. at least for breakfast. the alligators had gotten a head start he noticed. half of a gazelle stuck out of the muddy water. his mouth watered and the sun rose higher. and then he began to hear the gossip of the zebras. zebras liked to think that because they had fancy pants they were much better than the other animals. momo found that annoying. my mane is pretty fancy, he thought. after about thirty seconds of being distracted by his luxurious mane he realized he was being narcissistic and thought, but that's beside the point. he crawled on his haunches, growing closer and closer to the ladies and gentlemen of the elite zebra club. a zebra named zelda exclaimed, my my gwyneth lions are dirty things. and that mane...so last season. that comment was the catalyst for his quick and agile bound out of the tall yellowed grass. he was quite insulted, especially b/c he was hungry and felt his iq dropping with every dumb comment the zebras made. the ladies screamed and the men tried to shoo momo with their tails. he bit one of them for being condescending. but then, deciding the zebras' cologne bittered the taste, he opened his mouth and turned his head to another one. this one must have had a milk bath b/c she was delicious. what a beautiful day, he thought. he licked his chops and tossed his mane as if making a point. oh sassy lion. he enjoyed breakfast as the rhinos walked by. and the wind blew across the savannah.