to whom it may concern (a la stank-o):
had you contacted me a mere three and a half hours earlier, i would've been complaining about the heat and the walking and the mundane vs detailed question and common sense. but i guess you could say i had a change of heart. i caught up with brooke clark today, a girl from good ol' kealing junior high. together we made jaded comments about the group, the "fresh out of highschool" b/c of a ut/austin/way over highschool when in highschool superiority complex. and it took some diversity program to change it. call us dorks, but watching people talk as individuals, free with different personalities, different backgrounds, different goals got us all mushy hearted enough to admit that yes, it was a good program and it wouldn't be too bad to orient the freshman next year. i get the opportunity to learn. to learn about anything. to dabble (god, what a word...) in everything from religion to biology to musicians to fucking yoga. it's all there. as i was saying to stink on the phone, it's always been a hilarious stigma to us... the kids that scream we are so in college/this is so not highschool...yet i find myself beaming with fucking anticipation about all the knowledge that is so not highschool. in a couple days or a few weeks, i know i'll feel stupid about writing this. but it's ok.
dr. kelly green, professional badass
p.s. isn't cristina a genius? i mean really.