it goes along with that story somehow...the coming together of two planets. and the water formed mazes we could never get out of until a flash of setting. daddy and i swam in the lake and came up when ships ladders raised us to ground level. the played phone tricks form ship to ship despite their meters of difference in distance. when they were coming, we hid in caves formed by material goods and awoke when everything and almost everybody had been turned into brincks of sparkling blue with human words engraved into the tops , black and clean. and they could talk. we all wore loin cloths and beat bongo and played whistles on the streams and i was in your arms and then you were inside me while we played in the water. she walked over to offer us beaded bracelets, but could not find the one specifically for me. there was no control but merely a full rich freedom.
and then i awoke for the first time.
the second time through i kept retelling the story until he found himself too busy at work. i ran out into the city, the city seen before. a resemblance to rome with long walks and twists in direction. until i came to you again, buried in the water of the aqueducts, skin turned brown with work and soil and city filth. and they were drowning you but the water disappeared and our city was turning desert until the source had been found. the source at which we made love. disappeared from brown water to my bloody lover. he had appeared before and we rode together. two levels of light on a smoking bike meant he swung his knife out for heads and torsos and the car following bludgeoned they're feet so the could no longer walk. and he had been released from prison. he dropped me off at the corner and i found myself near a place i had stayed before and instantly knew why i was there. for her. it was day suddenly when i walked in. i had been there with bacchus and pan and the cuckoos morphed to cockatoos still able to imitate emotion with the sound of their whistles. ivy vines curled like burning paper and flowers still virgin buds. he said she was with friends. i climbed up the ladders, ducking where one came in contact with another until i saw her resting at a molding round wooden table and she smiled and started to come to me while in the background, her friends asked how long i was staying. i found myself back near the aqueducts and shouted your name until you saved yourself from drowning. your body ate mine up and then turned and she was there in a long white dress, soaked to the bone. and you went towards her as she smiled slyly. and they were kissing and i came over and kissed too. the three of us soon naked.
and then i awoke for the second time.