restricted to "i" statements:
i slept by the phone last night b/c it meant being near you.
i kept trying to murder this little bastard of a brown beetle but it kept falling inbetween the cracks of the keyboard and then it flew in my face and i got mad and hit it.
i vote i make a shirt that states "tim harrington is my secret lover" but it would be living a lie only b/c it wasn't a secret anymore.
i like things with crowns on them.
i made friends with twins and they're johnny's friends sort of and we sang to pink moon while we waited for a presentation on "the dangers of campus life"and we made fun of boys that talk nonstop (a la name dropping) about "indie/punk/ska" bands in a junior high manner and say radiohead sucks b/c those kids are morons.
i'm trying to talk to some kid on im that has dark gray text on black background and i think he's goth or depressed or something b/c he keeps telling me life means nothing and i dunno what to say to him.
i want to take a class called age of the dinosaurs for my natural science credits.
i'd like to own a sailboat so i could sail on the lake at night under the moon.
i want to make sweet sweet love on the beach or under the stars in the grass.
i was mad when my sleeping pill didn't help me fall asleep.
i say baller too much and i don't say bitchin enough.
i saw a kid with a badass shirt and a sparkle belt and i wanted to be his friend.