i am so hardcore. hardcore enough to call my latest cd extraterrestrial dark lord landing. can't you see the stars and flashing lights and smoke and impending death?
i snuck a listen of someone else's conversation and came to learn that after a good session in the bathroom you can lose five pounds. they were talking about taking dumps. so i switched focus to "the badass". ali and i like how his hair looks like it's been licked by a camel. he wears sweater vests without anything underneath and white shoes. i wish i was his fancy friend. i would wear plaid belts and limp berets and write things on pads of graph paper to pass to him at the bar.
i went to bed at seven thirty am and woke up at noon. it's hot in here. i can feel the back of my legs sticking together and waves of heat shudder upwards. using my hand as a fan is not very efficient.
i've taken both my ladies out for bubble tea. surrounded by bamboo walls and paper covered lanterns. sweet yummy drink in a glass cup.
little momo is climbing on the equipment and huskily purring and staring warily b/c he knows he's going outside soon.