if i could get a job where i could paid for doing nothing then i would take it.
i don't want to be a corporate whore.
i like chai tea with ice and milk in a sturdy glass cup. john and ali and i sat on a three person metal bench. rusty in some places. the gothic prince was there in all black. pretty lights surround the patio. it's strange, i suppose.
my sister is asleep on her bed. damp hair after a recent shower and curled up in fetal position. she has to wake up early in the morning.
i just need affection and attention b/c i'm lonely.
toy joy sent me to sticker heaven. i bought penquin and space and dinosaur and modes of transport and shark stickers. the shark stickers had big teeth and looked vicious. and then alison and i shared a box of dots. by sharing i mean i gave her one and ate the rest. they liked to get stuck to our teeth. red and orange and yellow dots.