h.potter, blind guardian and treasure planet. if a holiday can consist of only good and amusing things here they are. i find myself making out in a car with somebody no one thought i'd still be making out with. we got an after movie meal together and laughed about the weirdos and the police sitting at their tables sipping on water and shoveling eggs or bites of pancakes into their wide open mouths. i burnt my fingers on the oven placing the pecan pie in the oven. we're already eating leftover turkey concoctions. macaroni and cheese at aaron's house was good but not as good as super monkey ball two.
only one of the kitties likes me and it's probably b/c i snuck her some turkey yesterday.
i've found a canvas upstairs to undress, repaint, glue upon and pattern.
i'm questioning who i am. and it makes me question every choice i make. i find myself getting jealous of my friends. and i hate that. i fucking hate that.