red bean ice cream and vegetable tempura. i like my sushi with soy sauce and have acquired the skill of picking up a single grain of rice only after dropping countless other items.
warm coffee in the cold outdoors, listening to someone talk from behind an umbrella pole. cars swish by one at a time and quite infrequently.
do you think i'm cute?
smoothies with honey.
many sips of cold water and raspberry peach cobbler with cinnamon ice cream. dim and hushed at the table, a reunion of sorts amidst giggles and broadway smiles.
egon schiele's portrait of gertrude schiele held me in place, stuck to the ground and eyes fixated. golds and browns. the color of warm gingerbread. soft corduroys. falling winter leaves. we have them here.
matisse's woman with a veil. eyes peering out to touch mine reaching in.
picasso, kandinsky, duchamp, dali, klee, rousseau, etc etc.
i'm rarely drawn to someone of the female persuasion, but i so found my girlfriend and realized i've got a type. thin girls with wavy dissheveled hair with clothes that hug their small frames. or maybe that's just how i want to appear. she stood in front of starry night for over twenty minutes.
a man hunches over to jot something in pencil in his small notebook. something about that position is pleasing to the eyes and puts my heart at ease.
i got rad kicks for christmas.
flipping pages of survivor while buried under covers.
i miss holding your hand.
cary grant + grace kelly + audrey hepburn
she woke up before us.
the result: a pile of clothes and books and cds on the floor.
favorite christmas tunes: jackson five:santa claus is coming to town, macy gray:winter wonderland, willie nelson:dashing through the snow, nightmare before xmas: what's this?, the grinch, etc etc.
last night, the candles flickered and we sang all together. i only church at christmas.