yayz. i'm an art star.
yesterday, i bought two member's only jackets. tres cliche, but whatevz. how can i pass up brown leather?
bmccool and i went to see elephant today. shot interestingly, the focus sharp with a low depth of field. added a mysterious and elegant appearence. the sky shots were gorgeous. how detached am i getting? what causes someone to become so apathetic?
the temperature has dropped.
i <3 pheonix and good conversation.
thursday night. performance art. nick et moi. tres fantastique. i like how i made that "french" word up. i think, it could be real. i'll pretend it is. scaling the wall, a screaming mermaid and a declaration of not so independence. prof mikey smith + masturbation = a night never to forget.
oeuf is awesome.
chill after party with good sweet keg beer and a nice warm and smoky smelling fire. cold and assacre. i was delirious from lack of sleep, but oh so happy and relaxed.
secrets rule and so does making someone laugh so hard they spit out beer.