today (aka yesterday) i saw a pretty bird on the way to school. he had brown and yellow feathers. and he smiled at me.
an airplane frozen in motion.
i am curled up and looking at the ceiling. vertical stripes of wood. morning traffic started up somewhere along the lines. and my sweatshirt hangs loosely over my frame not keeping me warm enough.
nick and i pondered the thought: what could you live without and with what could you not live.
the recreation/additions:
at this point i couldn't live without a blanket and correspondence. i could live without heat and hot water. and highschool kids. though i couldn't live without my witty insults. couldn't function without a pen. oftentimes i get the urge to write something down (poetic observation of random occurences to the name of some band i found in a magazine) and it does quite a number for me to not have something to write with. i need people i can realte to on a "deeper" level. and music. and my camera or a camera. even if i could never have the film developed. i could live without tv and probably the internet, but never without books. and if i had to rid myself of books, i could never live without stories.
my sister's alarm went off.
i wish i were at the apartment.
brian brian brian. let's decorate your christmas tree.
eggnog = yummy.
thanksgiving was delicious. alexander ran around singing songs and there was yummy food. turkey, green beans, corn casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry jello, green jello, turkey gravy, pumpkin pie and pecan pie. my mother always makes these jello casseroles...delicious.
why am i awake. i could have slept another hour. warm light cast onto moving fingers from the bedside lampt as it tapers into soft shadows.
sun is peeking over the edge of the horizon. the world is tilted at just the angle, rotating slowly around its axis meeting the sun at this moment. dark blue melts into sky.
are you being honest?
i <3 lucky dog.