things that are hot right now:

the phrase "happy baby"
pictures of the ocean
the new (old) dave eggers
talking about junior high/high school dances
banana splits
making your own popsicles
awesome people
the babysitter's club
old music comps b/c they are funny or so good they hurt
this conversation:

publicsignage: will smith makes me angry
greenkiss: why b/c he's in the movie you wanted to star in
greenkiss: i, robot
publicsignage: yea he took my role, dammit
publicsignage: im an angsty troublemaker cop out to prove everyone wrong
publicsignage: its a totally original plot and i was perfect for the role
greenkiss: i know
greenkiss: it hurts
publicsignage: im sure you felt the same when you saw they picked halle berry for cat woman

puss in boots
the lost boys (by that i mean the coreys)
the wonder years
going swimming
saying awesome
the whole concept of ms. popularity
the phrase "wickedy wack"
the baby jesus
milkshakes, duh