i guess it's hard to find the right words for something that made you feel good in your gut after having endured two days of hell right afterwards. came back on a nine hour bus ride and came back to a physics test about stuff i had learned the prevous week and not picked up since then. stuff gets springed on you at the last minute and i guess i have to learn how to beat that shit with a racket.
new orleans was green. a green that shattered the brown water of the mississipi and the pale blue sky. blinding almost. we seached for alligators on a boat in the river, spanish moss grazing the top while we grazed the water. wind breathing chilly and marshmallow bombarding the other boats came down to feeding a gator some chicken and holding a baby in my palms, feeling calm breathing and gazing into green flecked eyes. back on land, little caterpillars with fuzzy points inched along picnic tables left to the shade and the sun.
beignets under a roof surrounded by the square spilling powdered sugar. laughing about the whiny clown outside the gate and contemplating showing the sax player just what he could be playing. the streets were living with other people. and high above, the painted yellow and gray and pale blue walls of ornate buildings echo with the music and the voices. we've heard stories of hauntings and know which shutters hide what is behind. he told us last night, while we huddled in a mass giggling at magic tricks and frozen in awe listening to the evidence for vampires and hearing singing voices in the rain. bourbon street equal sign seedy, grainy, etc. enough drunk people at five for my taste. we walked under gas lanterns and passed shoes tapping out rhythms as crushed tin cans meet pavement.
i pet a shark and some starfish at the aquarium. and saw an orangutan toss a barrel over the wall. we sat on gnarled roots underneath a southern tree dripping with pride while eating lunch. the albino alligator has blue eyes.
aafter a meal of red beans and rice, gumbo, and bread pudding with rum sauce dancers crept out onto the floor towards a cajun band played zydeco for our feet. bodies moving, line dancing ensuing, sweat dripping down faces and creating damp circles on the smalls of people's backs. it's almost tribal and i feel free. panties and natush and i created an anti-line dance when it got to be too much.
she was crying and i was the one there to comfort her. it's weird to see how much you know flow out when someone you care about gets hurt. later on we had a water fight in the fitness room of the hotel and gossiped the juicy stuff with the other ladies while watching pride and prejudice.
the red paddle gave sanctuary of breeze and mist to our bodies defeated by a brutal sun. yes, we ride horses to our one room school houses down there in good ol' texas. never heard of this music that y'all dance to with the claps and the ass shakin'. i fancy a ride on my horse blackie much more. stupid floridians and minnesota kids, thinking that be the truth. the wind blew my hair out towards the river.
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