mishka2786: i'm like, PEEEEEACE
on thanksgiving day, my mom was like "it's a beautiful day! let's go for a walk!" so my sister and i and brian and my mom and i all wonder down on a trail on zilker park until we find a little spot that is on the creek. my sister starts wading in and as the cruel older sister i am, i start throwing rocks in the water at her to make splashes. i've been enjoying this for awhile and all of a sudden this huge rock comes flying past my head and splashes me good when it hits the water. my mom threw the rock at me! and then she continued throwing rocks. and by the time we left, i was wetter than i had intended my sister to be. talk about getting carried away.
thejohnnysays: i cant leave the house after 9 on a school night
greenkiss: umm
greenkiss: challenge that shit
thejohnnysays: ive tried before
thejohnnysays: plus my parents are annoyed with me cuz i never flush the toilet