i wish i had better things to do. i cleaned out my art lockers and made lists of things to accomplish. but other than that i watched movies with gabers and did nothing. i liked it. natalie told us she had no wisdom teeth and if she did they were really small. i told her that would explain her current state of stupidity.
two things that made me happy tonight:
mr wiggles
greenkiss: jesus told me he has a crush on you
BalladOfBigNo: hahahah what?
greenkiss: jesus, in english class
greenkiss: he passed me a note
greenkiss: and it was asking about you
BalladOfBigNo: HOT
greenkiss: and he wanted to know if you had a date to the winter wonderblast dance
greenkiss: and i told him i didn't think so but that moses wanted to ask you so he better get a move on